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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers (FAQ&A)


AutoWiki is a free online database with information about individual cars based on their VIN/ Chassis number. All information in the database is added by the AutoWiki community consisting of car enthusiasts, specialists, journalists and historians.
AutoWiki is currently only available as a website, but in the future will also be available as a smartphone app.

Yes, all information added by the AutoWiki community will always be available free of charge to anyone.

For viewing information you don't need an account.
If you want to add a car, or add or edit information an account is required. 

An AutoWiki Name is the name that is used to show who added a car, or who edited information of a car.
When creating an AutoWiki account an AutoWiki Name can be chosen and isn't necessarily someone's own name.

A Contributor is someone who adds cars to the database and/ or edits car information. Contributors are car enthusiasts, specialists, historians and journalists from all over the world.
They like to share their knowledge to keep it alive for the future and also to make the car market more transparent.

Yes, at the moment AutoWiki is only in English. So all contributions should be in English.

Using AutoWiki

You are required to have an AutoWiki account to add a car.
To create an account click 'Login' in the upper right corner.
Fill out the form and click 'Submit'. An email will be send to you to verify your email address.
After verification of your email address, you can log in and add a car.
To add a car, click 'Add a car' in the upper menu bar.

Yes, it is possible to add data from a spreadsheet to the AutoWiki database.
Fot more information click here.

You are required to have an AutoWiki account to edit a car and/or add information to a car.
To create an account click 'Login' in the upper right corner. Fill out the form and click 'Submit'. An email will be send to you to verify your email address.
After verification of your email address, you can log in and edit a car and/or add information.
Use the filters in the left column 'Search Car Database' to select the car you want to edit and/or you want to add information.
After this, don't forget to click 'Save' to save all new information.

After selecting the car you wish to add the photos to, click the 'Photos' section, and then click the button 'Edit' in the upper right corner.
After this, you can create a new Photo Album by clicking: '+ Create New Album' or select an existing album to add the photos to.
Don't forget to click 'Save' to save the photos.

All information is added by our AutoWiki contributors. Among these are car enthuisiasts, -specialists, -journalists and -historians. We believe all contributors intend to add correct information. We, AutoWiki Foundation, don't play a role in checking the correctness of information. This is done by vistors of our platform.
Therefore we can not guaranty a 100% correctness of all the information on the AutoWiki platform. In case of a car purchase or a car appraisal, you should always seek the help of a licensed or qualified professional.

See also our Terms of Use.

Yes, you can.

Log in, and go to 'My Profile'. Here you can change your AutoWiki Name.
All your contributions will be updated with your new AutoWiki Name.

Yes, if you change your AutoWiki Name, the new AutoWiki Name replaces your old AutoWiki Name. All your contributions will be updated with your new AutoWiki Name.

If you have never contributed anything to the AutoWiki database, your AutoWiki Name was never published, so after deleting your account your AutoWiki Name will never be visible anywhere.

When you have contributed to the database, like having added cars to the database, or if you have added or edited car information, your AutoWiki Name will always stay related to your contributions. 
If your AutoWiki Name was your own name, and you don't want it published with your contributions, you can change your AutoWiki Name into a chosen name, and then delete your account. Your latest AutoWiki Name will be used on our platform.

Information follows asap


Yes, you can contribute without showing your own name.
If you don't want to use your own name, you can use a chosen name as your AutoWiki Name. Only this AutoWiki Name will be visible to visitors of the AutoWiki website.
Your First Name and your Last Name are never visible to others if you don't want to.

You decide which personal information can be seen by others. AutoWiki only shows your AutoWiki Name when you add a car or edit information of a car.
Your AutoWiki Name is a chosen name, not necessarily your own name.

In your profile you can select what others can see about you, such as: First Name, Last Name, email address, birthday etc. If you don't want others to see this information, it's ok!



There is a difference between textual and non-textual content.

Textual content from the AutoWiki platform may be re-used under a 'fair-use' policy and the Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, under the terms (in short): that appropriate credit is given to, that a link to the licence is published and that is indicated if any changes to the text are made. For the full terms, see the AutoWiki Foundation Terms of Use, chapter 7.

Non-textual content from the AutoWiki platform can only be re-used if this content has been made available by the contributor under the .........................

Under contruction

AutoWiki Organisation

AutoWiki Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to establish a world car database with digital archives with information of individual cars to keep their complete history alive for (future) owners and other interested people, in order to enjoy these cars even more.

To support this mission, we provide the internet platform ‘AutoWiki’ (website ‘’, smartphone app ‘AutoWiki’ and database) and an organizational framework to manage and facilitate the collection, storage and presentation of data.

The data at the AutoWiki platform is provided by contributors from all over the world. We strive to make and keep all informational content provided by our contributors available on the internet for free of charge, in perpetuity.

The domain name and the AutoWiki platform are owned by the non-prorit organisation AutoWiki Foundation, which is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


The development and construction of the AutoWiki platform is financed by a donation of the founder of the AutoWiki Foundation, Dutch car enthusiast Lodewijk Beijst.
It is hoped that after this first phase, other car enthusiasts will also help to finance further development of the website.

In June 2022 a campaign will be launched to interest other car enthusiasts to help to finance AutoWiki in order to keep the history of individual cars alive and to enlarge the transparancy of the car market in general.

All donators will be listed as donator (with (company) name or anonymously) at the 'Donators' page at
Donators of substantial amounts will also be listed as 'Founding Donators' in the history story of AutoWiki at the 'About AutoWiki' page.

If you would like to be informed about donating to AutoWiki Foundation, please leave your name and email address here: 


In case of copyright issues, please contact our legal department.
Its email address is published at: 'Contact AutoWiki'

Thank you for your interest to become a moderator.

Please send an email to our Head Moderator, including:
- your full name, address/ place/ country, phone number and age
- a motivation why you want to become a moderator;
- an overview of your experience/ experise
- all other relevant informastion.

The email address of our Head Moderator is published at the 'Contact AutoWiki' page. 

Thanks in advance!