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2nd Edition ICE St Moritz, how 'cool'


By: Alexander den Hartog

In 1985, a group of Scottish and British sportsmen drove to St.Moritz with their Vintage Bentleys to celebrate the Cresta Run’s centennial. Part of the celebration was held by driving their cars around the horse-racing track over the frozen lake of St.Moritz. Among the stunned onlookers was Marco Makaus, and this scene fired his imagination and kept burning for many years. In 2019 his plan became reality and a test edition of the 'Concours of Elegance on Ice' was held. Over the two Covid years the concept and project were refined and in February 2022 the first edition of The I.C.E. St.Moritz was held and was a big success.

After the 2022 edition, upon request of both audience and participants, the programme was over two days: Friday and Saturday. The Friday programme was a static car show based on the “Parc Fermé” where all the cars were displayed to the public and the Jury. On the Saturday the cars were driven on the lake course allowing the judges to assess not only the cars, but also the pairing with their driver. After this the announcement of the winners took place.

Compared to other concours events, The ICE St. Moritz is entirely different. It’s part Goodwood and part Cold Balls one of the few places in the world where you can see open-wheeled single seaters hanging it out in a frozen landscape. This year 48 cars participated and around 11.000 car enthusiasts visited the event.

Awards 2023:
Best in show: Lancia Stratos Zero (1970, sn C1160)
Open wheels: Maserati 420M/58 “Eldorado Special” (1958, sn 4203)
Barchettas on the Lake: Ferrari 500 Mondial Series II (no data)
Le Mans 100: Ferrari 250 Test Rossa 'Lucybelle' (1957 sn 0732TR)
Concept cars and One-offs: Lancia Stratos Zero (1970, sn C1160)

Looking foreward to the 2024 edition, probably we will be present then :-)

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