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Dear Keith, the real Car Wikipedia is here for you!


By: Lodewijk Beijst

Keith Martin is one of the most renowned classic car journalists in the world. He is a serial car collector and started the magazine Sports Car Market more than 30 years ago. His magazine publshes about the classic car market, investing in cars and car value trends. With pleasure I read his articles and columns for many years.
In his blog of 14 March 2022 he writes about "The Wikipedia of Classis Cars". In his blog he stresses how important comments of car specialists are at Bring a Trailer auctions. We can not agree more. 
At AutoWiki we want to enlarge the transparancy of the car market, so that all information about a car is stored at one single place and available to anyone, anywhere and into perpetuity! That's what make AutoWiki so unique, all information will alway be available, even when the car advertisment is gone.
So Keith, in the future, when you are viewing a car on the internet, have a look at AutoWiki too!
Regards, Lodewijk