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First two cars produced by Enzo Ferrari added


By: AutoWiki

Contributor Vincenzo Alba added the two first cars built by Enzo Ferrari to the database: the Auto Avio Costruzioni 815. A brief story about the car:

In 1938, Ferrari left Alfa Romeo after running Scuderia Ferrari as their racing division. The agreement ending their association forbade Ferrari from restarting Scuderia Ferrari within the next four years. Ferrari then founded Auto Avio Costruzioni (AAC) in Modena to manufacture aircraft parts and machine tools for the Italian government.

In December 1939, AAC was commissioned by Marquis di Modena, to build and prepare two racing cars for him and Albert Ascari to drive in the 1940 Mille Miglia. The resulting car was named the AAC Tipo 815. Only two of these straight-8 cilinder, 1,5 liter engine, driven cars ever got built.

Both vehicles were successfully sold. One, chassis number 020, to that the Marquis, and the other, chassis number 021, to a young Alberto Ascari. Both were briefly raced as well. Most notably in the 1940 Mille Miglia (then named: Brescia Grand Prix), where the Marquis himself held the lead and set the fastest lap before breaking down. 

The Marquis 815 (#020) the first of the two built, fell into the hands of his brother. But by 1958, was thought so obscure and worthless, that he scrapped it. The Ascari car (#021) though, has survived, and will happily accept fawning admirers today, at the Museo Enzo Ferrari in Modena.

In 1947 Enzo Ferrari started the Ferrari car brand and the first model was the 12