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Founder starts sponsor campaign to raise money for further AutoWiki development


By: Alexander den Hartog

Our founder, car enthusiast Lodewijk Beijst, has started a sponsor campaign in The Netherlands to raise money for the AutoWiki Foundation needed for further development of the AutoWiki platform. Recently AutoWiki has started the second phase of the development of the platform and extra funding is needed.

"In the first stage we focussed on the back end of the platform, creating the website, the database and all functionalities and making sure everything works", Lodewijk says. "In this second stage we will focus on the front end, making the website better looking, more user friendly and more intuitive. In addition new features will be added such as a 'owner groups' and a chat tool, so owners of specific models from all over the world can meet and can communicate with each other. Of course, we will also keep on working on the back end of the system. For instance, it will become more and more intelligent, so that datafields will be filled automatically based on newly added data. There is enough to do."

AutoWiki Foundations is a non-profit organization and is complety dependant on donations.
Click this link to see Lodewijks sponsor campaign at Steunactie.

Photo: Lodewijk Beijst (r) and Wayne Carini (l) known for his television show "Chasing Classic Cars' here at the Pebble Beach Concours.

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