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James Bond's Long-Lost Aston Martin DB5 Has Finally Been Found After 25 Years


By: Rachel Cormack

After a quarter of a century, James Bond’s missing Aston Martin is back. The iconic 1963 DB5, which agent 007 famously piloted in both Goldfinger and Thunderball, mysteriously vanished from a secure hangar at Florida’s airport in Boca Raton back in the late ‘90s. Now, some 25 years later, the long-lost grand tourer has been found by Art Recovery International, as reported by the Telegraph.

The group, which specializes in locating lost or stolen luxury items, reportedly found Bond’s stolen silver ride in a “private setting” in the Middle East but did not give an exact location. An anonymous authenticator confirmed the vehicle was the original, chassis No. DP216/1, and not one of the two replicas built for publicity or the action example used for long shots in the beloved film franchise.